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Did your prior training leave you with a false sense of security?

Do you think you are prepared for potential negative confrontation?

Would additional training give you more confidence to the above questions?

If you answered “Yes” to any of these questions, contact us and ask a Total Training Solutions Group, Inc. Instructor to help you prepare to respond to any challenge. 
Our courses are success driven with fees that are reasonable. Our instructors have years of experience in all aspects of firearms training and are accredited "Firearm Instructors". Customary courses in Law Enforcement Firearms Training and Advanced Firearms Training.

Our instructors are not “Ego Driven” or “Range Commandos”. They are competent and aim towards the student’s success. Total Training Solutions Group, Inc. believes in practical instruction which can be incorporated into each student’s daily life. These customized techniques will help build confidence the student's need to feel comfortable in decisions they will make in regards to their own personal defense in daily situations.

You will receive in depth instructed in our scheduled courses.

Total Training Solutions Groups Inc. offers:

Basic Firearms Training

Advanced Firearms Training

Training for Unarmed or Armed Security Guards or Armored Card Employees

Law Enforcement Firearms Training

CCW Certifications and Recertifications

Firearms Simulator Training using LaserShot Firearms Simulator

Judgemental Shooting

Personal Defense

Tactical Firearms Instruction

Courses specific for women.

Courses specific for senior citizens.

Courses specific for persons with physical impairments.

Total Training Solutions Group, Inc. is proud to offer discounts to:

Senior Citizens

Military and Veteran Members

Public Safety Employee's Families

No longer should you feel like you are not prepared. No longer should you feel like you are helpless or scared.

Our Live Fire courses are challenging and success driven. They are designed to build a greater appreciation and confident relationship with you and your personal firearm.

Our “Laser Shot” judgmental shooting simulator is a state of the art firearm simulator used by numerous law enforcement agencies along with our military. We have customized it to civilian designed scenarios. This dynamic teaches the ability to make confident decisions of whether to “Shoot or Don’t Shoot” in real life environment.          

Our “Force on Force” training dynamically reinforces your ability to be successful in negative confrontations. We use state of the art equipment and “Marking Rounds” which enhances a reality based training model.

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“The constitution shall never be prevent the people of the United States who are peaceable citizens from keeping their own arms.”

~Andrew Hamilton